Sculptor and sound artist, the work of Méryll Ampe swings between both practices.

After studying wood sculpture at the Ecole Boulle (Paris), Méryll  leads a visual and sound creation at the Beaux-Arts School of Paris-Cergy. During the studies, Méryll Ampe has attended several sound artists such as Robin Meier in Paris and Manuel Rocha Iturbide in Mexico City.

As sound and visual artist, Méryll Ampe develops artworks through field recordings, electronic. Ampe establishes links between musical and visual practice, using techniques directly linked to sculpture: to cut in the mass, to model, to chisel by using digital tools of sound processing and analog tools, allowing to generate echo, tensions, breaks and punctuations. By this research, this prehension, Méryll composes orchestrated and spatial tones. Méryll Ampe invests places and composes soundtracks in situ. When it comes to the performance practice, Méryll Ampe conceives improvisation as a notion of “plan-sequence”, revealing the immersive composition of space.

Méryll Ampe work is plurial. Méryll has been working with artists, musicians, choreographers and video artists such as Collectif COAX, Collectif Supernova, Christian Rizzo, Mélanie Perrier, Fernando Vilchez, Elsa Brès, Boris Achour, Gwenola Wagon et Stéphane Degoutin.

Méryll Ampe work has been shown internationally in institutions and festivals such as : Les Instants Chavirés (France), Présences Electronique Festival (France) , Sonic Protest Festival (France) , Palais de Tokyo (France) , Centre Pompidou-Paris (France), LUFF and Cave 12 (CH), E-Fest (Tunisia), H-ear (Holland), Notam (Norway), Nananjo (Spain), New Rivers (England), HS (Belgium), AURAL (Mexico), 4Fakultät (Germany).

Méryll Ampe compositions are published on the labels:  Tsuku Boshi Records (Paris), AudioVisuelAtmosphere (Belgium), Audiotalaia (Spain), Musica Dispersa Radio (London), Audition Records, (Mexico).