MUSLAB includes several training workshops on new technologies applied to music, theater, dance, visual arts, advertising and other disciplines. These courses are open to all interested people, but will prioritize to involve students from conservatories and schools of music and arts in the region. Our courses go from access to knowledge and use of new technologies, to specialized education courses, ranging from music and multimedia composition to the creation and programming of new technological components.



These workshops are aimed at strengthening local capacity through a platform for sharing and cultural management, training and specialized techniques of audio, video, programming and production, which will make participants able to become agents of change and contribute to the development of their communities through their work in the arts, acquiring useful knowledge for production, promotion, distribution and marketing of goods, services, cultural activities and artistic skills developed in their community.


As a result of the workshops, participants will improve access to global markets to obtain the initial training required to create, disseminate and get ideas on how to capitalize a cultural product through the web and theoretical tools acquired.



An intensive process of training in new technologies applied to the performing arts, exchange with musicians from other regions of the world, and multimedia musical composition to the creation and programming of new technological components. These workshops provide an opportunity for artists with special training to form multidisciplinary discussion groups done to address issues and specific expertise in art and new technologies, such as:


Forming relations, speech, difference and repetition, depth and perspective, color theory, temporary in the still and performing arts, music realtime interdisciplinary transmutations, objects oriented programming, interrelationships and creating software and hardware techniques, control and signal processing, creation of sensitive and transformable areas, specialization of sound, etcetera.


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