About us International Electroacoustic Music festival.

About us

MUSLAB is an International Electroacoustic Music festival that aims to gather and disseminate the creation and exploration of sound by artists from different countries of the world and promote the creative process and contemporary artistic communication, to bring new audiences for contemporary sound creation, giving artists access to new representation forums and creating an international communication network through the development of different cultural activities, training in new technologies and sound art concerts.






Concerts, festivals, presentations

Recovery of public spaces for peaceful coexistence.

"MUSLAB" is a project for the reconstruction of the social fabric that, through sound interventions with electroacoustic music and video projection in buildings, brings together artists from different parts of the world, who contribute their work by exhibiting and presenting it in public and alternative spaces through our festival.

Our project arises from the need to recover public spaces for activities that promote peaceful coexistence, and in harmony.


Conferences, exchanges, presentations

Training focused on providing access to information and creating a network for artistic, scientific and academic exchange. courses, exhibitions, conferences, discussion groups and exchanges, focused on the development of talent and creativity. Calls, different aimed at gathering and disseminating the work of sound artists from different parts of the world,

The objective of MUSLAB is to disseminate cultural activities and training on contemporary music, art and multimedia production and new technologies.

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Promote and disseminate contemporary artistic creation.

Generate access to specialized education in music and new technologies.

To promote, through art, respect for the diversity of cultural expressions and the values of coexistence.



More than 2000 works by composers from 46 different countries. We have programmed more than 800 artists and offered different workshops, open discussions, artistic residencies, radio concerts, and we can say that each year we have more than 10,000 direct audiences, which has positioned us since 2016 as an Ibero-American platform for culture. .



MUSLAB is held annually in different cities around the world, in collaboration with 32 different institutions in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Spain, England, France and Portugal in 7 countries.

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Between 2014 and 2021 we have received more than 2000 works by composers from 63 different countries. We have programmed 800 artists, workshops, open discussions, artistic residencies, radio concerts. MUSLAB Ibero-American platform for culture.

Courses and training

Training, courses, workshops and diplomas given by international speakers specialized in audio, production and sound art. MUSLAB includes different training workshops in new technologies, applicable to music, theater, dance, plastic arts, advertising, among other disciplines. These trainings are open to all interested but will aim to involve students from conservatories and schools of music and arts in the region. Our courses range from access to knowledge and use of new technologies to specialized education courses that range from musical and multimedia composition to the creation and programming of new technological components. Recovery of public spaces for peaceful coexistence Conferences, exchanges, lectures, presentations focused on giving access to information and creating a network for artistic exchange, for the dissemination of sound art, scientific and academic knowledge.