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MUSLAB celebrates its 10 years of activities with the project.


In the AFTER project artists and researchers from different countries around the world will create works of art and concepts to predict the< strong> future.

By AFTER project artists and researchers from different countries around the world will create artworks and concepts to predict the future.

AFTER is a project where the participants work and create artworks and concepts as a view of the future of the Global Planetary Scene. The art is used as an oracle viewing the next XXII century and beyond from our contemporary position.

What will be the situation of the society, the ecology, and other aspects of the Earth planet in the XXII century?

How can we act before the crisis occurs?

It is necessary to get conscious before catastrophic consequences appear. The most important aspect of the AFTER project is to develop new views and ideas, proposals to create alternatives to build together a better world and better relations inside the society and with nature. We and the planet are the same complex system, the same thing. We need to act as a whole united.

The time is a constant flux like a river that is transforming all things all time. The universe, nature, matter and life are transforming all time.

We are in a specific point of this river, here and now, flowing guided by the stream from the past to the future. The river is a chain of causes and its impacts. If we understand the causes, we can understand the a sense of the river. At the end the river flows down toward the sea. In the same way we can understand the complex system of life like a seed; if we know that seed we know the three that will grow and we can predict the future fruits of that three. Observing the reality we can understand the future as the possibility of the less resistance line across the time.

If we observe the river from the sky, we can observe the spring up the mountain where the water was born, we can look it way, the falls and the lakes, and finally the sea, all the river in one complete view. Our lives and our society are part of the river, the causes and results of our acts are part of the streaming flow. All history is present at the same time, but only if we have a view wide and deep to understand all the river in one complete image. In this way we can mean that all history of the universe from the beginning to the infinite is there complete at the same time. Obviously this view is not that the time is only one line where we are ever only situated in one specific point. But, for example we know that the light that we look from the stars is nor the stars, it is only the light crossing the space-time, but we can observe the stars. The past is written in the present and the future of the stars is inside our eyes. For sure if we can observe all the river of the time history we need a distant and clear view point.

Throughout human history, from the prehistoric times to the contemporary global society, we try to predict and plan what will happen, we want to get the control and the power over the future events. We

build the future inside our minds all the time and project it to the world transforming it. Science tries to predict the behavior of phenomena. Art is an instrument to penetrate into the time. As memory, heritage from the past, as present contemporary expression, and as insight for view the future. Many times art can predict the future. Art is an antenna and it can receive signals from the future and understand it. Leonardo da Vinci thought about the fly machines like the helicopter, Julio Verne meant the submarine centuries before they were invented. Today we can fly and the submarines exist.

The capacity of prediction is one of the main scopes of the science, but, else, along the history the human being was developing in all cultures different techniques to predict the future. By oracles, trances, rituals and other practices. Art is one of those tools to see and understand the future. 30,000 years ago, the primitive pictures on the walls of Altamira caves, were premonitory and propitiatory acts to get control over the future and take help from the supernatural divine forces before the hunting activity.

The complex ritual calendar framework of the mesoamerican Maya culture was a sophisticated instrument for understanding the time and predicting the future driving to the control of the farming and the work with the earth to grow plants, vegetables, grains and fruits.

Now from the art we will predict the future.


• MUSLAB Call for Works 2024:

Composers and visual artists of any age, gender or nationality are invited to participate by submitting their electroacoustic music or video-art works to the MUSLAB 2024 International Electroacoustic Music Festival. Guidelines:

• Reception of works: from September 25, 2023 to March 1, 2024.

• The duration of the works will be free.

• Only one work will be admitted for each category defined by composer. • The works must be signed by the author(s) (pseudonyms are not allowed).

• All works, including those that have previously been presented in competitions and concerts, are eligible to participate, if accompanied by a letter of consent for their presentation.

• The author assumes responsibility for having the rights to present and publish the work that he submits to this exhibition. • There is no registration fee..


• Category A (audio only): open to stereo self-contained electroacoustic music (tape music) compositions. Number of channels allowed: stereo, 4.0, 5.1 8.0

• Category B (audio and video): open to autonomous electroacoustic musical compositions, With Video only one movement regardless of duration. Number of channels allowed: stereo, 4.0, 5.1 8.0

• Category C (audio and video): open to video art compositions, only one movement regardless of duration.

• Category D Audiovisual performance in real time: Open to works that use analog, digital or virtual media that are modified in real time as a performance.

Number of channels allowed: stereo, 4.0, 5.1 8.0

Allowed formats: .aif, .wav, .mov, .mp4



You must register by filling out the form located at the end of the page and attach the following documents in a single zip to the download link:

1. A good resolution photograph.

2. Signed consent letter in the registration form letter of consent. (Dawnload here)

3. Your piece in full version. WAV or AIFF for Audio MP4 for video 1080p (HD): 1920 × 1080..

4. A copy of the piece in .mp3 format

5. Pieces in multiphonic formats that wish to participate in the CD production selection must also submit a stereo version in WAV or AIFF format.

If the documentation is not complete it will not be taken into account.


IMPORTANT: Do not use storage servers that delete sent files after a certain time (for example, Wetransfer NO).

Your files must be available at all times and until the date of publication of the results. Some options are: Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive. On the selection of works.


MUSLAB extends an invitation to renowned composers and musicologists, all with extensive experience in electroacoustic music, to form a Selection Committee that will review the quality of sound and visual works to be submitted.

• The selected works may be presented and broadcast in public.

• By participating with his work in MUSLAB, the composer grants his consent, rights and authorization to reproduce, spread and transmit his work by all the means used by the festival, in concerts, activities and broadcasts of radio or activities developed by MUSLAB. exempting MUSLAB from any payment or liability with copyright associations or entities.

• All works recorded with a record company must have a letter stating this fact, as well as the permission of the record label so that they can be transmitted and published within the International Exhibition of Electroacoustic Music, MUSLAB.

• If the author decides to participate in the selection for the production of a CD-DVD, in co-production which will be sent to different sound libraries and libraries in different countries and will be available for sale, he must mark the consent section to record your work in the edition of this CD-DVD. The composer retains the copyright but authorizes the recording and dissemination of his work by MUSLAB.

• Audio recordings submitted to the contest will not be returned to the composers and will remain in the MUSLAB files for safekeeping. • The Selection Committee may decide not to include a work in the sample or change the program.

• The MUSLAB International Electroacoustic Music Festival is not a contest; It is an opportunity to promote sound art and form part of a dissemination and support network for contemporary sound creation, which gives access to spaces for the representation and dissemination of sound art, as well as access to training that seeks to make tools that facilitate the integration of the participants to the labor market through the use of new technologies and an artistic contribution to strengthen social coexistence.

• All participants will be notified when their work is received and once it has been selected.

• The publication of the selected works will be announced starting June 1, 2024. And it will be extensive depending on the places and possibilities of representation.