MUSLAB 2014 International Festival of Electroacustic Music

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MUSLAB 2014 had as venues Fonoteca Nacional UNAM, Radio UNAM, Facultad de ciencias Políticas, UAM-X, El museo León Trotsky, la Secretaria de Cultura de Tamaulipas, Ayuntamiento de Cosoleacaque Veracruz, y por el Ayuntamiento de San Francisco, Nayarit and different associations and art collectives.

This festival has had the pleasure to program 80 artists in 8 concerts and a sound garden, which were realized in 4 different states of Mexico and assembled a compendium of the work of over 120 artists from 27 countries, including including France, Italy, Germany, USA, Japan, Korea, China, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Greece, Finland, Canada, among others, this material is now part of the collection of the Fonoteca Nacional de México.

Video MUSLAB 2014 & Activities

We will promote a recovery action for spaces for peaceful coexistence through art and the contribution of contemporary music, establishing a structure promotion and dissemination of artistic creation sound of this genre. Through the International Festival of Electroacoustic Music MUSLAB, we offer educational opportunities specializing in new open to music students from the region technologies. Its realization will have as its starting point the Mexico City headquarters to replicate in different universities and artistic training in other cities of the country.

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