MUSLAB is an International Exhibition carried out in collaboration with different institutions in the world, which seeks to establish a network of dissemination and support for contemporary sound creation, projecting different cultural identities through contemporary art. We seek to create new audiences for culture, sensitive to the importance of respect and cultural diversity, we open representation and dissemination spaces for contemporary sound expressions, as well as formations that seek to provide tools that facilitate the integration of market participants. of work through the use of new technologies.


We are a non-profit project that seeks to create a network of composers and disseminate electroacoustic music, however an event like this requires enormous work in management and a work team to carry it out, with your donation you help us to make the calls and concerts continue to be free and accessible to all.


Pedro Castillo Lara

• MUSLAB Ensamble es una organización sin fines de lucro que aspira a promover actividades de arte contemporáneo en todo el mundo, trabajamos con diferentes organizaciones que están interesadas en promover e impulsar el arte actual.


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Conciertos, formaciones acceso a nuevas tecnologías, recuperación de espacios públicos para la convivencia pacifica.

Conferencias, intercambios, ponencias, presentaciones enfocadas en dar acceso a información y crear una red de intercambio artístico, científico y académico.

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